How to get Bitcoin Gold for free

Bitcoin gold is a newly launched cryptocurrency which has come to a discussion of the people in the last few days. With the bitcoin gold, you will get incredible usability which will help you to trade in the market more flexibly. It is basically a version of the bitcoin, but it is more decentralized and democratic in nature than that of bitcoin.

In addition to the Bitcoin, you will get the Bitcoin Cash and the Bitcoin Gold. What does that mean for owners of Bitcoins and how can they benefit from it? Because who does it right, receives the same amount of Bitcoin Gold that he currently has in Bitcoin. In this article, you will know everything clearly.

A split of bitcoin is different than a split of a stock. In a stock split, the tradable paper is divided in a fixed ratio. Also, the current price follows exactly this division ratio. For example: If a 2: 1 split occurs after the split twice as many shares and the price is only half as much value. The Bitcoin, however, looks different. A new cryptocurrency will be created based on the blockchain of Bitcoin. It is almost a clone of all current Bitcoin coins and from the time of the cloning process both develop in a separate direction.

Bitcoin Gold Development

To decentralized the mining option. The bitcoin gold is invented. To verify and validate the other transaction, the bitcoin is designed. Those who have an account before the hard fork has been retained. The bitcoin holders were also rewarded with the bitcoin gold which was equal to the amount of the bitcoin.

What do I have to do to get Bitcoin Gold?

Who owns Bitcoin at the time has the possibility to receive the same amount of Bitcoin Gold. For this, he only has to deposit his bitcoins in a wallet at the split time, where he can gain access to the "private key." This mostly does not apply to the free online wallets which are available on different websites.

Wallets that allow access to the "private key" is the Bitcoin’s Core Client. But there are also other wallets that allow full access to the private key.

How do I export the private key?

With the Bitcoin Core Wallet, it is very easy to export the "private key." Start the application first and let the blockchain update. For security, you should also create a backup of your wallet. After that, switch to the debug console. This is located under Help -> Debug window.
So, with following the proper procedure and instructions, you can easily get the bitcoin gold on your account.